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Ningbo Lituo Superfine Materials Co., LTD.

Ningbo Lituo Superfine Materials Co., LTD. was established in November 2013 jointly with the Technology Transfer Center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics. It is a new- and high-tech enterprise specializing in complete cutting-edge metal atomization powdering equipment, various ultra-fine metal powders and high-speed lasers cladding equipment, R&D, production and sales of supersonic spraying equipment.


The Company has a group of technical experts distributed in aerodynamics, metal materials science, electromechanical integration and other fields, with technical experts in rich technology and knowledge accumulation in powder metallurgy and product development experience. At the same time, it also established good cooperative relations with Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a number of scientific research institutes to provide a strong guarantee for the company's technological research and development and industrialization of the Company. By cooperating with domestic and foreign technical R&D and production teams with industry-leading level, the R&D and post-processing services of rapid prototyping manufacturing systems are carried out, which forms a complete industrial chain centered on alloy new material powder supplemented with high-speed laser cladding, and metal 3D printing in the ultra-fine metal new material manufacturing field.

The company uses a number of independent intellectual property rights to independently research and develop the world's first hypersonic laminar atomization powder milling equipment. The preparation technology has reached the international advanced level. The particle size and morphology of the prepared powder are controllable with the stable chemical composition, taking domestic lead in direct recovery rate, spherical rate, oxygen content and other major indicators, breaking the foreign technology monopoly. The first domestic production line with an annual output of 20 tons of ultra-fine spherical titanium alloy powder was put into production. The construction of this production line filled the gap in the domestic high-end ultra-fine titanium alloy powder field. At present, all four production lines have realized mass production, with continuous production capacity, and high-end ultra-fine metal powder can be used for replacement of the imported powder.


The Company's ultra-fine metal powder products can be widely used in many fields of the national economy, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power equipment, and auto parts. Its subsidiary company specializes in the processing of alloy coatings for mechanical parts and the repair and remanufacturing of parts, to provide complete alloy coating solutions for various machinery manufacturing and repair enterprises. The Company also set up a metal 3D printing center to provide complete equipment and processing technology for the development of the first piece of complex mechanical parts and the manufacture of high-end molds. We can customize exclusive metal powder, complete set of powder milling equipment and complete technical solutions for their applications


CAEP-lituo is committed to becoming a leader in the domestic ultra-fine metal powder and equipment industry. We are willing to establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with you to create demand and achieve the win-win in the future!