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Laser cladding manufacturers: Briefly describe the classic applications of laser cladding technology in various fields

30 May,2024

Application of laser cladding technology in petrochemical equipment and its parts

The modern petrochemical industry basically adopts a continuous mass production mode. During the production process, the machine works in a harsh environment for a long time, resulting in damage, corrosion, and wear of the components in the equipment. Laser cladding manufacturersIt is believed that mechanical parts, valves, pumps, impellers, and large rotor journals, roulettes, bushings, bearing bushes, etc. in the industry often have problems, and these components are very expensive, and there are many types of parts involved. Most of them are complicated and difficult to repair, but because of the emergence of laser cladding technology and the continuous innovation and development of laser cladding manufacturers, these problems have been solved to a large extent.

Application of laser cladding technology in railway equipment and its parts

Laser cladding manufacturers in the development process, continue to reform, correctly recognize that the rapid development of railway transportation to a large extent with the foundation of social and economic growth, the demand for new railway vehicles is gradually increasing, and the number of main components And performance requirements are also increasing. As a new resource reuse technology, remanufacturing technology can be applied to the remanufacturing of wearable parts of vehicles. Laser cladding manufacturers provide everyone with laser cladding technology. These laser surface cladding technologies are also widely used in the repair and strengthening of the surface of remanufactured parts, which has promoted the rapid development of the industry to a certain extent.

Application of laser cladding technology in key parts and components of other machinery industry

Remanufacturing of key parts and components in other machinery manufacturing industries, involving industries including metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, chemical, aviation, automobiles, ships, machine tools, etc., for the wear of precision equipment, large equipment, and valuable parts in these fields , Erosion and corrosion parts, use laser cladding processing technology for repair and performance optimization.