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Warmly celebrate the company's "new year of relocation"

13 May,2024

Ningbo Zhongwu Rio Tinto ultramicro Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of complete sets of metal atomization pulverizing equipment, all kinds of ultramicro metal powder, high-speed laser cladding equipment and supersonic spraying equipment. We will forge ahead and keep pace with the times; Continuous innovation.

With the continuous development of the company's business, the old office location can no longer adapt to the development of the company, but the new location provides more modern, more spacious office conditions and more advanced office equipment, provides a more comfortable and pleasant office environment for employees, and lays a solid foundation for the future sustainable development and increasingly powerful enterprise strength.

The company's new office space is spacious and bright, with complete supporting facilities, providing strong technical and office space support for the company's development. This relocation marks that the company has stepped onto a new stage of development. In the next decade, the company will show the market and serve customers with a new look! Looking at the present, we are full of ambition and pride to develop the future. Starting today, we will create a new brilliance with full work enthusiasm and good mental state; With a hundred times of efforts to create a better future!